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Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

International Conference
“Irreversibility Problem in Classical and Quantum Dynamical Systems”
(Moscow, December 8–10, 2011)

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Steklov Mathematical Institute organizes the International Conference “Irreversibility Problem in Classical and Quantum Dynamical Systems”. The Conference will take place in the Steklov Mathåmatical Institute at 8–10 of December of 2011.

Kinetic, stochastic, diffusion and other equations which describe irreversible processes are widely used in applications, but their compatibility with reversible equations of microscopic dynamics and the problem of transition from the reversible to irreversible behavior remains a fundamental open problem.

Mathematical aspects of classical and quantum dynamics in relation to the irreversibility problem in problems of mathematical physics, in particular in complex, bio and nano systems and in theory of condensed matter will be discussed.

Organizing Committee:
Luigi Accardi (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”),
Igor Volovich (Chairman, Steklov Mathematical Institute),
Mikhail Dolgopolov (Samara State University),
Evgeny Zelenov (Steklov Mathematical Institute),
Sergei Kozyrev (Steklov Mathematical Institute),
Masanori Ohya (Tokyo University of Science),
Alexander Pechen (Steklov Mathematical Institute),
Anton Trushechkin (Scientific Secretary, Steklov Mathematical Institute) ,


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