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Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

International Conference
“Irreversibility Problem in Classical and Quantum Dynamical Systems”
(Moscow, December 8–10, 2011)

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Presentations of the talks


L. Accardi, Nonlinear Gibbs, local KMS and dynamical detailed balance conditions

I.Ya. Aref'eva, Cosmological daemon

T.V. Dudnikova, The derivation of hydrody­namic equations for lattice systems

F.S. Dzheparov, Some ergodic problems of spin dynamics

Ye.I. Zelenov, Adelic decoherence

M.G. Ivanov, Quantum locality and the Born rule

S.V. Kozyrev, Nonlocal lattice model of secondary structures of proteins

A.I. Mikhailov, Evolution of the distribution function moments in functional mechanics and the Poincare recurrence theorem

A.N. Nekrasov, A method of the protein informational structure analysis

B. Nilsson, Decay of entangled photon corre­lations in hollow waveguides and fibres

A.N. Pechen, Irreversible dynamics as a tool to increase robustness in quantum control

V.Zh. Sakbaev, Variational descriptions of trajectories of the averaged quantum dynamical transformations

O.G. Smolyanov, Measures on infinite-dimensional spaces and Bogoliubov equations

V.Ye. Tarasov, Quantum dissipation from power-law memory

A.S. Trushechkin, On derivarion of the kinetic Boltzmann equation from the Fokker–Planck–Kolmogorov equation

I.V. Volovich, Non-Newtonian mechanics and irreversibility problem

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